Guitar Player |  Composer |  Producer


As the son of the Italian jazz musician Tony Cigna, Francesco was exposed to the wonders of music from an early age. He started playing guitar at the age of 9 and soon got into jazz music.

Influenced by guitar players such as: Jimmy Raney, Wes Montgomery and Grant Green as well as other instrumentalists especially Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, McCoy Tyner, Francesco has since developed his voice as a musician/composer. He also draws from his Mediterranean heritage, witch is evident both in his instrumental sound and his compositional style. 

His releases count the critically acclaimed album Blue Notes (calibrated), with the band ReBop Union, an international quintet that features leading Scandinavian and Italian musicians such as Thomas Fryland (Dk) and Orazio Maugeri (It). 

In 2010 he started collaborating with the pianist Erik Ørum von Spreckelsen with whom  released Cigna & Ørum von Spreckelsen, Dedication in 2012 and GET OUT OF TOWN in 2017.  

Besides leading his own projects, Francesco plays as a sideman in various projects and ensembles. In his short career he has already had the opportunity to work with numerous outstanding musicians.

Although Francesco considers himself a jazz musician he enjoys venturing into other styles such as World Music, Latin Music, Contemporary Classical Music etc.

Examples of this can be heard on the album Nordic Wave (Gateway 2010), by the multi percussion player Joanna J Stroz (PL) and his own electro jazz project: "Franky Cooperation"


Musical Collaborations  

As band leader and freelance musician Franceso has performed and recorded with many great artists that have all helped him to grow as an artist himself.

Some are listed below:

Tomas Franck (S), Tenor Sax

Bob Rockwell (USA), Tenor Sax

Adam Nussbaum (USA), Drums

Christina von Bülow (Dk), Alto Saxophone

Jesper Riis (Dk), Trumpet

Jonas Westergaard (Dk), Acc. Bass

Daniel Franck (S), Acc. Bass

Larry Nash (Can), Tenor Sax

Niels Ryde  (Dk), Electric bass

Orazio Maugeri (I), Alto Sax

Klüvers Bigband

DR Bigband

Marco Tamburini, Trumpet

Hugo Rasmussen, Bass

Thomas Fryland, Trumpet

Ben Besiakov - Piano

Nico Gori (I), Clarinet/Sax


Venues & Festivals

Here you can get a very general idea of some of the venues Francesco has preformed on, but of course the list could go on and on:

Fiemme Ski Jazz Festival, 2007 Val di Fiemme, Italy. - Den Park, and various schools in Anjo, Japan 1999. - Umbria Jazz, Italy, 2000 - Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2008-2012 - Ribe Jazz Festival 2008 - Aarhus International Jazz Festival 2008-2012

JAPAN, various venues 2015 & 2016

Other Jazz clubs and venues played: Palermo Jazz (It) Dexter (Dk) Bent J (Dk) Holbæk Jazz Klub (Dk), Hornbæk Jazz Klub (Dk) Paradise Jazz Klub (Dk), Panic Jazz Club (It), Brass Group (It) & many many more.



  • Gibson ES 175 (1956)
  • Heritage Eagle, CC pic
  • Black customized US Fender Telecaster
  • Godin guitars


  • 1973 Polytone Mini brute
  • Fender Deluxe Reverb
  • Henriksen The Bud
  • AER compact 60


1997 MGK in Kolding, DK. MGK is a 3 year music high school.

In this period he played in the MGK-Big Band, and many small combos. Here he developed his theoretical and technical skills, and got a basic understanding of many different genres of music.

1999 Berklee Courses in Perugia, Italy. Studies jazz guitar and composition with, Jim Kelly and Mark White.

2000 Siena Jazz Courses, in Siena, Italy. Here he has the opportunity to study and perform with musicians such as Enrico Rava, Paolo Fresu, Paulino Dalla Porta and Marco Tamburini.

2001 Jazz department at the The Carl Nielsen Academy of Music in Odense. Here he studies jazz guitar with Per Gade, Jacob Fischer and Bjarne Rupé.

2002-2005 During his time in the academy he takes an active part in many workshops with musicians such as: Andy LaVerne, Lee Konitz, Steve Swallow, Jim Black, Pat Metheny and many great Danish jazz musicians and educators.

2007 Den Haag at the Royal Conservatory, Holland, with, Matijn Van Iterson and Wim Bronnenberg.

2008 Graduation from Carl Nielsen Academy of Music, Denmark.

2014-2016 Postgraduate Soloist-line at the Conservatory in Copenhagen, Denmark

  w. Bob Rockwell, Morten Ankarfeldt and Tony Cigna.
   w. Tomas Franck, Tony Cigna, Daniel Franck